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2*20 ft truck tarps loading today

Update:2018-11-26 9:39:00 Views:

The detailed introducton of the truck  PVC  tarp fabric shows the part of the truck PVC tarp fabric  is used. It is mainly divided into three parts:external accounts materials. For external accounts, there are five types of tents on the markets at present.

(1)Nylon:the scientific name is polyamide fiber. It is basically nylon 6. Nylon tensile stength, colour strange  and smooth. Not fade, soft texture,and excellent strength, canvas tents. Not easy to form. No motheaten. Its hygrosscopicness  is very small. Frost does not bleed. Is by far the most widely used material. (2)Canvas:canvas tent factory. Strong waterproof, good insulation effect.The sun is not hot, but the texture is hard and bulky, easy to form  and fade. (3)compare canvas tent factories. Car tent I met a big tent in Beijing in 2002 in the north,  very happy to get a lamp above the multi-tent,, the overall performance of the best, when nylon,weight,value, outdoor repeatability and many other indicators are not bad, zhuhai  donkey more than 90% of the use of nylon tents.

DERFLEX specialized in PVC coated fabrics, Main product as following:

DG1122:1000D*1000D, 20*20, 610gsm, 18oz;

DG1330:1000D*1000D, 30*30, 900gsm, 26.5oz,

DG3030T:1000*1000, 3*3, 350gsm, 10.5oz


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