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Enhanced industrial vinyl coated fabric
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DERFLEX Enhanced industrial vinyl coated fabric includes flexible ventilation tube material, especially for mining industry and cabin ventilation; flexitanks material, Inflatable castle fabric, awning fabrics, and so on…

Enhanced industrial vinyl coated fabric

Inflatable castle fabric

awning fabrics

Inflatable castle fabric

The enhance vinyl coated fabrics has one or more of the following characters:

Acrylic coating: For preventing the DOP from separating out.

PVDF coating: The PVDF coated PVC tarpaulin is used for outdoor structures. The PVDF coating makes the PVC membrane lasts for more than 10 years outdoor lifetime.

Flame Retardant: Most popular used standard: B1, B2, NFPA701. And special product we also produce A1 FR products.

Anti-static: Used especially in mining industry. The ventilation tube can easily sparkle if there are no anti-static coatings.

Rip-stop: Super strong series tarpaulin for special outdoor application

6P: for storage of drinking water, no toxic.


DERFLEX main products:

Part number



1000D*1000D, 20*20, 650gsm, knife coated


1000D*1000D, 30*30, 900gsm, knife coated


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