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Mining ventilation tube tarps
ventilation PVC flexible tarpaulin on sale, wholesale price, good FR and anti-static, welcomed to visit our factory
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Mining ventilation tube tarp is made up of PVC resin, polyester fabrics and fiber glass fabrics mixed with flame retardant and electrostatic agent formula design.

PVC coated tarpaulin material

Main applications:

PVC coated tarpaulin for mining industry mainly used for the production of a variety of coal mine with positive and negative air cylinder, dustproof explosion-proof water bag, tents, self-rescuer cover and other products of the most ideal fabric material.

PVC coated tarpaulin for mining industry

industrial fabric tarpaulin

anti-static tarapulin material

Mining ventilation tube tarpaulin characteristics:

   1. High flame retardancy, excellent long-term stability and antistatic properties.

   2. The air cylinder processing adopts heat sealing process, with smooth surface and small wind resistance.

   3. The cylinder has no strong eye leakage and low air leakage, and the air supply effect is high.

   4. The warp and weft tear strength are high, can withstand 8000Pa wind pressure, to meet the requirements of the big fan air supply.

   5. The expansion rate is low, due to the small elasticity of the fiber used, so that the wind tube is not deformed when the fan is under high wind pressure ventilation.

   6. Soft texture, light weight, anti-aging, beautiful appearance.

   7. Environmental protection: This product has no glass fiber, no dust, no irritating odor.

   8. The use of non-interannual water in wet environments does not increase the weight, extending the product's safe life.

   9. The overall strength of the air duct is high, and each product index meets or exceeds the first level standard, which greatly improves the safety in use.

  10. Shaped air ducts can be processed according to customer requirements, such as: three ventilators, switch air ducts, air duct elbows, size heads, etc.

  11. The use of steel ring connector, with our company's quick connector is more effective: large-scale hair dryer can use special zipper connection.


Storage and Attention

    1. The PVC coated fabric should be kept in a clean and well-ventilated warehouse during storage. Do not allow contact with oils, acids, alkalis, or other materials that are detrimental to the quality of plastics. Keep away from direct sunlight and 1m away from heat sources, store at a temperature of -15 to +35°C and maintain a relative humidity of no more than 80%. Stacking Height Not more than 1.5m.

    2, beware of mechanical impact, friction caused damage, to avoid the sun and rain, to prevent aging.

3. The physical and mechanical properties and safety performance of this product are in compliance with the above standards within the storage period of not more than 15 months from the date of delivery.


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