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PVC laminated tarpaulin is made by mixing PVC resin powder with plasticizers, stabilizers, etc. into powders, passing through a machine (usually an extruder, an internal mixer, and an open mill), heating and melting, and then passing through the calendar rollers to turn the PVC. Press into a sheet and paste it together with the base fabric (knitted polyester fabric) into a finished product.

canopy tent tarps

tent tarpaulin

Laminated PVC tarpaulin material is the main material for:

1.     truck tarpaulins;

2.     Canopy tents for promotion

3.     Covering of stacking objects in open warehouses of cars;

4.     Construction of temporary grain silos and open cover for various crops;

5.     Construction of temporary work sheds on various construction sites such as construction sites for power construction; Various machine equipment outer sheath

PVC membrane rolls

tent tarps

DER-Phipher produces and supplies high quality PVC laminated tarpaulin material for temporary outdoor use. If you have more interest, please contact our sales team for more information.

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