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PVDF coated PVC membrane
PVDF Tensile Membrane Fabric professional manufacturer in China, wholesale factory price, excellent quality assurance, makes Phipher best offer
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Acrylic resin coated with micron thick film structure material on the surface treatment of base fabric to improve the antifouling property of PVC structure membrane material, and then coated with PVC coating on the surface of polytetrafluoroethylene (PVDF), improve the useful life of PVC membrane fabric, improve the fire resistance of Architectural Roofing Membrane strength. The service life of PVDF membranes is 15-20 years, and the fire protection rating meets the German Fire Protection Mark II, and the Chinese fire protection standard B1.

PVDF Tensile Membrane Fabric

Characters of PVDF Architectural Fabric

Superior corrosion resistance

Excellent mold and anti-seepage performance

Excellent self-cleaning performance

Superior prestress

Excellent durability

Can be welded directly

Meet the fire B1 label
PVDF membrane

PVDF Architectural Fabric


PVDF Tensile Membrane Fabric main applications:

Outdoor stadiums, shading projects, inflatable membrane engineering, motorboats, military camouflage shading projects, wall decoration, environmental protection and anti-corrosion projects.


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