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The main component of Transparent Clear Plastic Vinyl Sheet is polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, and ductility. The top layer of this Transparent Clear PVC Vinyl Sheet is lacquer, the main ingredient in the bottom is polyvinyl chloride. It is a kind of synthetic material that is popular, popular, and widely used in the world today.

clear vinyl film

Laminated Super Clear PVC Vinyl Sheeting

Clear Pvc Film

Among the materials that can produce three-dimensional surface films, PVC is the most suitable material. Laminated Super Clear PVC Vinyl Sheeting is generally used in the processing of shower curtains, cosmetics bags, tablecloths, stationery, inflatable toys, baby products, static film, screensavers, electrical protective film, photo attached film, etc.


DER-Phipher professional produce Clear vinyl film products for different application. If you have more interest, please contact our sales team freely.
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