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knife coated PVC tarpaulin VS. hot melt PVC tarps - Phipher

Update:2018-8-27 17:56:58 Views:

Hot melt PVC flex is a polyester fabric laminated with PVC film both sides. Before lamination, the fabrics is passed through the glue, to make the heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin better adhesion.

Knife coated PVC tarpaulin material is polyester fabric coated with liquid PVC, real knife to make smooth surface, then heating until the PVC firmly stick into the fabric.

omparation between knife coating and hot melt


Knife coated PVC

Hot met PVC

Breaking strength


Outdoor Durance

Water resistance

Air tightness


Main applications

Outdoor covers, tents, container bag, ventilation tube, etc…

Flexible water tank, inflatable castles, etc…


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